From the complexities of multizone unconventional wells to deep, hot, higher-pressure conventional wells, effective zonal isolation plays a critical role. ISOTECH solutions provide the flexibility and efficiency to make it all work. Our packer solutions facilitate the construction of complex wellbore geometries, as well as the means to target hydraulic fracturing across multiple stages in long laterals. In demanding vertical wells, ISOTECH expertise and advanced technology is key to achieving regulatory and wellbore construction objectives.


An increasingly complex array of zonal isolation challenges is being confronted in offshore operations, especially as the industry moves into increasingly deep water. From operational and cost extremes, to safety, environmental, and regulatory demands, ISOTECH solutions provide the expertise and technology to ensure the highest levels of performance. In leading edge offshore exploration and development, ISOTECH provides zonal isolation answers for growing operational requirements, including deeper wellbores, multilateral designs, sidetracking, gas migration, sand control, salt zones, extremes of pressure and temperature, and many other challenges.


Extreme temperatures and highly fractured formations in geothermal wells present a demanding environment for zonal isolation. The flexibility to inflate ISOTECH packers with cement provides a high-temperature seal that controls wellbore fluid losses due to naturally occurring fractures. ISOTECH’s advanced elastomers, inflation valve design, and components ensure reliable zonal isolation in conditions where temperature differences between borehole and internal packer fluid temperatures can cause conventional packer elements to over-expand, rupture, and fail to seal.


To Isolation Technologies

ISOTECH integrates world-class inflatable packer technology and expertise to plan, execute, and assess zonal isolation projects that meet the highest performance standards. We are dedicated to providing you with the right zonal isolation solution for your application. Depend on us for a fast, knowledgeable response that delivers answers and products you can count on to keep fluids, gas, and pressure in their place.

ISOTECH provides solutions for zonal isolation in oil, gas, and geothermal applications. In short-duration workovers and life-of-well installations, our inflatable packer technologies and services ensure reliable, efficient segregation of downhole pressures, fluids, and gases.


Our Tools

Inflatable solutions for zonal isolation

ISOTECH packers, products and services provide critical isolation solutions in land, offshore and geothermal wellbores. These solutions span the well’s lifecycle with expertise and high performance technology for drilling, testing, completion, intervention and abandonment.




all-star team of inflatable experts

We support you at every step with advanced equipment and expert engineering, job planning, and site supervision.

Performance Technology

Our comprehensive suite of inflatable zonal isolation tools is a flexible selection of high performance technology engineered to provide the best solution in every application. In open hole, casing, and tubing, ISOTECH inflatable packers offer an array of specialized features that enable a precise, reliable match to the wellbore environment and your objectives.

Performance Expertise

Our all-star team of inflatable isolation experts is a valuable resource for planning executing and assessing zonal isolation challenges. We help you develop the best solution, and provide the consulting and training to back it up. And because we understand the importance of the task, we are focused on delivering what you need, when you need it.



Zonal Isolation Takes More Than A Packer

The job is too important to depend solely on high performance technology. For zonal isolation that meets today’s demands, success also requires expert service applied at every step of the application.

Before, during, and after the job, ISOTECH isolation experts work with you to ensure performance that meets the highest standards of safety, efficiency, production, and regulatory compliance.

It’s more than a packer. It’s inflatable wellbore security.


Inflatable packers

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