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Matching the packer to the wellbore

ISOTECH inflatable packers are an engineered solution for sealing and zonal isolation you can rely on in every application. Performance is assured with a full scope of features, and expert service and support that matches the packer to specific wellbore objectives and conditions. Each application is supported with a full set of port collars, stage tools and inflation tools.

Applications Include:

Second Stage Cement Support:

ICP systems enhance zonal isolation by supporting the cement slurry column while it sets, preventing losses and saving time. Placed above a low pressure or lost circulation zone below a stage tool and inflated after the first stage, the ICP supports the second stage column so it can be pumped without the accumulated hydrostatic pressure of both stages bearing on the formation. By preventing losses to thief zones, ICP systems help ensure the top of the cement column reaches the designed height for optimal zonal isolation.

Gas Migration Prevention:

Prevention of gas channeling in the cement slurry improves the integrity of the cement sheath around the casing to ensure optimal zonal isolation. Positioned above a gas zone, the ICP system creates a high-pressure seal that stops the ingress of formation gas before the cement sets, thus eliminating potential casing pressure issues.

Water Isolation:

Placed precisely across a water zone, the ICP reduces or shuts off water production and the associated processing and disposal costs.

Production Zone Isolation:

Strategically positioned in or next to producing zones, ICP systems segregate production to limit unwanted water or gas production. Cement-inflated ICP provide permanent isolation or can be perforated to selectively access producing zones.

Multi-Zone Frac Segregation:

In completing multi zone laterals, ICPs positioned in the casing provide the high-pressure isolation required to direct each stage of the stimulation treatment.

Build Section Isolation – Producing Zone:

An ICP and stage collar installed at the bottom of the build section isolates the horizontal producing zone so that production is segregated from upper formations.

Plug and Abandon:

In P&A applications to shut off water or stop fluid losses, ICP are run above the problem zone on drill pipe, inflated and released. Placing a cement plug below the packer can further enhance isolation.

Gas-Oil Ratio:

An ICP set below or across the gas zone in vertical wells reduces the gas-oil ratio to improve the production mix.

Casing Integrity Testing:

Shoe tests to ensure casing integrity are conducted by placing an ICP at the bottom of the casing string and applying hydraulic pressure to the shoe. The ICP forms a high-pressure seal that facilitates an accurate, efficient test.

Leak Off and Limit Testing:

After the shoe is drilled out, the ICP provides a high-pressure seal for testing cement bond strength to assure no flow path can be established to the formation orannulus above the shoe, and provide data on formation strength so the next hole section can be safely drilled.

Kick-Off Isolation:

The ICP can also be run through the milled window to isolate the production zone.

Compartmental Completions:

ICP systems enable selective cementing that avoids formation damage in low permeability and fractured carbonate reservoirs.

Liner Top Sealing:

To ensure annular isolation in various liner applications, ICP provide a secondary seal that prevent gas or fluid migration.

Off-Bottom Cementing:

ICP and port collar systems provide well integrity and protect the reservoir in open hole completions by enabling cementing above the pay zone.

Geothermal Loss Prevention:

ICPs inflated with cement provide a high-temperature seal to control losses due to the many fractured formations encountered in geothermal drilling. Cement inflation avoids rupture problems that typically occur when using fluids in environments with temperatures in the 600°F range.

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