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Inflatable Production and Service Packers


IPP-Tool_-3D-render_TransparentBGISOTECH Inflatable Production and Service Packers (IPP/ISP) provide zonal isolation in the work string/casing annulus or the tubing/wellbore annulus. Straddle pack configurations enable selective isolation across multiple zones.

As a temporary solution or a permanent installation, ISOTECH IPP/ISP products are reliable, efficient tools for zonal isolation in critical oil, gas, and geothermal applications, including:

  • Production and injection isolation
  • Where casing restrictions prevent the use of mechanical set packers and bridge plugs
  • Hydraulic fracturing and acid treatments
  • Cementing
  • Water shut off
  • Screen installation
  • Well repair and abandonment
  • Formation testing and evaluation
  • Casing leak detection

Isolation performance in every application is optimized using standard and custom ISP/IPP tools supported by expert engineering, job planning, and site supervision.

High Performance Isolation

Built to the highest industry standards, ISOTECH IPP/ISP tools ensure an effective pressure seal and dependable operation with features that include:

  • Single or multiple set
  • Pull or rotational release
  • Ball, plug, or dart activation
  • Inflation with water, mud, or cement

Built-in Performance

ISOTECH ISP/IPP tools are built to the highest industry standards to ensure efficiency and performance. Applications benefit from:

  • Steel cable reinforced inflatable elements for multi-set applications
  • Exposed rib element option for increased anchoring in casing installations
  • Application specific elastomers that optimize performance in temperature extremes up to 350°F and chemical environments

Optimal Isolation Solutions

Versatility is key to optimizing isolation. Tools in standard and customized configurations provide specific solutions, whatever the challenge. ISOTECH IPP/ISP product options include:

  • Full cover and exposed rib elements
  • Standard and special clearance elements (OD)
  • Standard and high temperature elements
  • Tubing and drill pipe chassis

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