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ISOTECH Swellable Packers


ISOTECH Swell Packers (ISP) provide simple, efficient zonal isolation in open and cased wellbores. The highly reliable system swells on contact with wellbore fluids without surface or downhole activation to provide zonal isolation in oil, gas, and geothermal well construction and completion applications, including:

  • High pressure multistage hydraulic fracturing
  • Isolation with stand-alone and ball activated sleeves
  • Isolation in deviated and irregular wellbores
  • Slotted liner installations

Isolation performance in every application is optimized using standard and custom ISP tools supported by expert engineering, job planning, and site supervision.

High Performance Isolation

Built to the highest industry standards, ISOTECH Swell Packers tools ensure an effective pressure seal and dependable operation with features that include:

  • Hydrocarbon, water or hybrid swelling elements
  • Rugged end caps to protect elastomers while running and prevent extrusion
  • Standard lengths (2, 4, 10, and 20 ft)
  • Casing or tubing chassis
  • Standard and special clearance element (OD)
  • Standard and high temperature elements (350°F)

Optimal Isolation Solutions

Versatility is key to optimizing isolation. Tools in standard and customized configurations provide specific answers, whatever the challenge. ISOTECH ISP products options include:

  • Standard and special clearance element (OD)
  • Standard and high temperature elements
  • Tubing and drill pipe chassis
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