Inflatable wellbore security

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The ISOTECH Solution

ISOTECH Isolation Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of zonal isolation solutions for oil, gas, and geothermal applications around the world. Success over the life of the well is ensured at every step with advanced equipment, and expert engineering, job planning, and site supervision.

  • INFLATABLE CASING PACKERS provide reliable isolation in cemented wellbores and open hole completions for a broad scope of applications, including cement integrity; selective reservoir stimulation; isolation of oil, gas, and water zones; and to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • INFLATABLE PRODUCTION AND SERVICE PACKERS optimize isolation for production and injection applications, including hydraulic fracturing and acid treatments, water shut off, and slotted/screen installations.
  • SWELLABLE CASING AND PRODUCTION PACKERS respond to wellbore fluids for a specific isolation solution for hydraulic fracturing, with standalone and ball activated sleeves, in deviated and irregular wellbores, and slotted/screen liner installations.
  • INFLATABLE THRU-TUBING PACKERS provide isolation solutions for selective testing and treatment, production, injection and water shut off, and squeeze cementing.
  • FULL COMPLEMENT OF PACKER ACCESSORIES provides the handling pups, stage cementing collars, PDC drillable cementing plugs and many other specialized tools to ensure and enhance zonal isolation.
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